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TikTok vs. Instagram: A Clash of Social Media Titans in the Image-Sharing Realm

TikTok vs. Instagram: A Clash of Social Media Titans in the Image-Sharing Realm - NIRONT Marketplace
  • TikTok plans to launch “TikTok Notes,” a photo-sharing app to rival Instagram, with some users already receiving notifications about automatic photo post sharing.
  • TikTok’s move to create a separate photo-sharing app reflects strategic adaptation to regulatory pressures and aims to strengthen its presence in areas where it lacks dominance.

TikTok plans to take on the social media rival Instagram by offering an image-sharing application of its own.

The company stated it is developing an area for images and text to reside.

Some users have received notifications advising them their photo posts will be automatically shared to a new “TikTok Notes” app unless they opt-out.

As is increasingly seen within social media firms, companies mimic each other’s products. For instance, Instagram recently introduced Reels as an imitation video platform in 2020.

Mike Proulx, research director of analysis firm Forrester, told that social media users often resort to copycat behaviour when posting similar material online.

“Cyclic features often pay off,” according to Heiberg, as evidenced by Instagram copycatting Snapchat with their own “Stories” feature.

However, he noted that Twitter’s analogous attempt failed, and thus, its success could not be guaranteed.

Instagram‘s recent emphasis on making Reels the main feature of its app has dismayed some users.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared an online petition in 2022 requesting changes to the platform that prioritize Reels over other app features.

Instagram reversed course following public outrage about their changes.

TikTok has yet to decide or confirm an exact release date for its Notes app, leaving plenty of uncertainty around these two aspects.

Recent notifications to some users suggest the TikTok app still allows people to post photo posts—an exciting feature currently available within it—but they will now have access to sharing photo posts that include sounds or filters as a series of pictures.

Screenshots of the TikTok notification feature revealed an opt-out toggle that allows users to opt out of sharing their photo posts with the app.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra suggests text or photo apps might offer TikTok users who mostly “lurk” rather than post more engagement opportunities.

But he noted he did not believe another photo-sharing app was something social media users “desperate” ly needed.

“There’s plenty available now; therefore, there doesn’t appear to be much demand out there,” he suggested.

TikTok has recently faced challenging times due to US legislation, which could only prohibit it if Chinese owners sell within six months of passing a law banning TikTok.

Launching Notes as a standalone app would mark a shift for TikTok, which had traditionally integrated new features directly into its core app; however, due to increased regulatory and consumer scrutiny. Jasmine Enberg of Insider Intelligence believes launching Notes separately makes sense, given that TikTok currently faces regulatory and consumer pressures.

“Photo-sharing services represent one of the few places where it doesn’t hold strong,” according to her analysis.

Mike Proulx suggested TikTok might follow in Meta’s footsteps and replicate its approach for Threads, whereby it relied heavily on Instagram users as users to expand its user base.

“Like Threads, TikTok Notes must provide users with enough of an immersive experience that keeps them coming back beyond initial interest,” explained Mr Jones.

As social media features become ubiquitous, what sets one platform apart from another becomes clear. What truly differentiates them is community involvement, user experience and algorithms.”

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