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Toyota’s Next Generation 4Runner Roars into the Future

Toyota’s Next Generation 4Runner Roars into the Future - NIRONT Marketplace
  • Toyota’s 2025 4Runner SUV introduces hybrid options, with the iForce Max system, marking a significant update after two decades of minimal modifications.
  • Toyota expands its hybrid lineup for off-road enthusiasts, integrating electric motors for increased power and fuel efficiency across models like Tacoma, 4Runner, and Land Cruiser.

Since 2000, Toyota 4Runner SUV owners have not seen major modifications, yet an all-new version is finally on its way with some key highlights including hybrid options.

The Toyota 4Runner shares much of its engineering, history and DNA with Toyota pickups. Indeed, when first released about 40 years ago it resembled modified four-wheel-drive pickup models; and these days both models remain closely interlinked.

Toyota announced on January 13 that their 2025 4Runner, like their Tacoma model, will feature their iForce Max hybrid system as it continues its broad expansion of hybrid offerings. As more consumers avoid fully electric vehicles due to concerns around cost or range uncertainty, hybrids become an attractive alternative option.

Since 2023, hybrid vehicles have seen their market share soar from about 6% of all newly sold vehicles to nearly 9% today, just slightly less than EV sales at that time. Meanwhile, their market share remains about equal.

The 4Runner hybrid system integrates a 48 horsepower electric motor with its turbocharged 4-cylinder engine to produce up to 326 horsepower total power, making this version the most powerful ever produced; gas-only variants will also be offered as affordable options.

Toyota’s Hybrid Compromise

Toyota is taking steps to “electrify” nearly all its models while, at present, providing few fully electric options (it sells only one electric model – BZ4X in US market and one Lexus luxury EV). Hybrid vehicles offer great greenhouse gas reduction benefits with less cost or inconvenience for consumers than fully EV models.

Toyota recently unveiled their plans to add four hybrid 4-cylinder vehicles aimed at off-road enthusiasts to its line up of off-road-oriented products: Tacoma, 4Runner and Land Cruiser (with retro styling) will form part of an off-road focused 4-cylinder hybrid lineup, only offered as hybrid in Land Cruiser but with hybrid options on four other products: Tacoma (also popular among off-road enthusiasts), 4Runner and Tundra available with larger six cylinder gas engines than previously available; Tundra now even comes in an iForce Max hybrid version with six cylinder gas engines!

Hybrid vehicles offer significantly increased fuel economy because their gas engine can be switched off when not needed or only minimal power is necessary, while energy for powering their electric motor comes from both sources – including when breaking.

Not only can hybrid electric motors save on fuel economy, they may also prove advantageous off-road thanks to additional power they produce – as evidenced by Toyota’s 4Runner hybrid’s electric motor producing extra torque for off-roading purposes. Jeep has seen tremendous sales success with their Wrangler 4Xe plug-in hybrid SUV; batteries charged through both an EV charger or by using its gas engine engine can be charged in no time!

Toyota promises that new engineering will give the current 4Runner model a smoother on-road ride, offering more comfort to drivers than its stiff predecessor. Notable functional features of this 4Runner still include roll-down back windows for loading long items out the back; and side windows which wrap slightly upward towards roof for enhanced protection – taking cues from its first generation models produced back in 1980s.

The 2025 4Runner will come with various trim levels including an off-road Trailhunter model as well as luxurious Limited and Platinum versions, along with less well equipped versions at lower price points. There will also be less costly models.

Some less-expensive 4Runner models will feature rear-wheel-drive only; others will offer part-time four-wheel-drive that can be switched off when driving on dry pavement; still others feature permanent four-wheel drive systems.

Toyota has not provided pricing or fuel economy details of their new 4Runner yet; pricing starts around $41,000 currently for current model.

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