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Ordering & payment

You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to cart or buy it now, login and go through the ordering process. After the order is ready, you will receive order summary to your email. Order summary will also be stored to your account.

Speeding up the process. By ordering online you will you will get prices faster and you will be able to go through order confirmation and payment process much faster. This could save days of your time.

Traceability: You will have easy access to all of your previous orders any time you want.

Reordering: you can make a re-order anytime based on your previous orders by only couple of clicks. This will save time and effort as you don’t need to go through all the documents and emails from the past.

Our online marketplace ordering system will ask for all the important information you should submit. If you have an email address, phone number, and the correct location, please remember to submit it. This will make sure the delivery/shipment is not delayed because of the lack of contact information.

You can use our integrated online payment gateway and the major credit cards like Visa and Master. The local bank payment gateway integration to be ready soon. Also, Cash on Delivery option is available to make more convenience for our customers. If any concerns of a payment method on our online shopping checkout process, please contact customersupport@niront.com or contact to 069 993 308

When you are logged in and you add products to shopping cart, you have the ability to send offer request to us by using contact seller button, we will send you an offer or view the Quantity Breaks within the product page. You just need to add the products and quantities you are interested according to Quantity Breaks available. Please note that this feature should only be used for bulk purchase. For more information, please send email to customersupport@niront.com

If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible. If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us. Please contact customersupport@niront.com

If you have question regarding our online marketplace (ordering, delivery, pricing, account questions, technical questions), please contact customersupport@niront.com or call 017 | 069 993 308

Delivery & Customer Support

Upon order completion, we will share you the order number and you can use the number to track your order on customer support assistant message at the bottom right corner of the page.
1. Local delivery – we assist delivery to provinces nationwide through our local transportation agent or local transportation company. The transportation fee is based on the local transportation agent/company charges while in Phnom Penh, starting at US$1.50 with less than 5km distance from our shop.

2. International Shipping costs are dependent on your location and products on your order. Some products need to be shipped in dry ice. These dry ice shipments have a slightly higher shipping fee. Our online store shows the shipping fee and shipping cost automatically on the shopping cart of checkout.

You can easily change your shipping address on your account. You just need to login and click “my account” and “edit”. You can also change the shipping address during the checkout process if you need. Just “edit” the “ shipping address”.
Customer may inbox us via Facebook messenger. Our support team will look into the question and response accordingly.
We offer customer service throughout the week. Thank you for purchasing from Niront Marketplace. If we have a service problem, please contact us or contact customer service, we will try our best to solve.
After a Seller have completed the sign up or created their account, a Seller need to verify their email then within 2 working days our legal team will contact them for verification and understanding the Seller business.

Seller Basic

You may access to https://multi-seller.niront.com to sign up as Seller on Niront.
The verification process takes approximately 2 working days.
For the New Seller, there will not be any option for you to control you notification settings. We would suggest you to check your main email inbox/spam folder to search for the notification.

However, if there is still no notifications being sents to your email, please do get in touch with our Customer Support Team - customersupport@niront.com or Telegram to Niront Marketplace 017 993 308

Benefits of Niront Marketplace for sellers or business owners are:

1. Online presence and digital business modernization

2. Reach global markets and broad target customer base

3. Increase brand visibility and exposure

4. Reduce marketing and advertising costs

5. Reaching a diverse customer base and increasing sales

6. Reduce operating costs

7. Increase customer trust and confidence

8. Make it easier for customers to enter the business

9. Improved delivery and delivery

10. Access to customer data and awareness

11. Capture marketing technology and better customer relationship management

12. Influence of customer network and business opportunity

A good please where to convert and develop your business to digital.

Marketplace & Social Collaboration

An online auction service is an auction service that takes place via the internet, allowing users to sell or bid for products and services online. Online auctions allow sellers to reach larger audiences, in different locations and geographical areas.
Social commerce lets customers make their purchase within their social media or social profile experience. With Niront users can activate and configure their social profile on our marketplace by clicking My Social Profile button under their account.
Social collaboration is the process through which multiple people, groups. Sellers and buyers can interact with each other to achieve common goals.
To buy products through Niront Marketplace online auction as following:

>1. Access to the product you wish to buy through auction. Then click on Join Auction button

>2. Process the auction fee of $50 and send the screenshot of the payment or receipt to Niront Marketplace's Telegram named Niront Marketplace or Telegram number 017 993308

>3. You will be noticed confirmation by Niront Marketplace's customer support team.

>4. Then, you are ready to join the bidding of the selected product.

Hope you enjoy our bidding process. Any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us or reach us at Telegram Niront Marketplace. Thank you for your business.

Your Account & Social Profile

Go to this page https://niront.com/account/login and there few options that allow to login, choose one that convenient to you.

1. Login by with Email/Password: if you don't have an account? click “Create account” link, then just fill in all the needed information and click “create”. After submitting the form, your account will be confirmed and you will be notified.

2. Login by using phone number: click “Login/Register with Phone Number” button then type your phone number and click “Get One Time Code”.

3. Login by using Social Media Account Like Google, Facebook, or TikTok.

You can easily change all your information on your account. Go to login page ( https://niront.com/account/login ) and log in, then click “my account” and “edit”. Here you can change all your contact information.

Our web store is secured with SSL certificate. This means the information you input is encrypted

Other Questions

The goal of FAQ is to convert buyers, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a part of our platform where we address common concerns, questions, and objections that our customers have. FAQ page can also act as the first point of contact for our customers looking for answers before they reach out to us directly with their questions.
Niront Marketplace is a multi-seller online marketplace platform that connects multiple sellers and buyers for the purpose of buying and selling goods or services. It operates over the internet and facilitates transactions between parties without owning or producing the products themselves.

Niront Marketplace acts as a mediator, ensuring smooth transactions by providing a safe and secure platform with modern technology for buyers and sellers to interact.

Our main purpose is to help business owner convert their business to digital/online platform with accessing marketing technology to enable better market scale, maximize cost saving and smooth business operation including financial, stock, and customer relationship management.

Essentially, an online marketplace facilitates the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers. Fashion, electronics, and home goods are some of the most popular themes found in marketplaces. These sites connect buyers and sellers in one place, providing a convenient way for buyers to find what they need.
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