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When the needle of the temperature gauge starts heading towards the red zone you know that it is time to act. Getting stuck in traffic can easily lead to the engine overheating. If you are lucky, the engine will not actually boil over this time but maybe the next! If the cooling system overheating is due to a problem that gets progressively worse, you tend not to notice that something is wrong until it is already too late.
Overheating can usually be predicted well in advance because the temperature gauge has probably been showing a raised temperature for a while. Most of the time, however, drivers only take action when a breakdown is imminent or actually occurs.

How can BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 cure the problem?

The cooling system gets less efficient as deposits gradually form in the coolant pump, radiator channels and waterways. Corrosion, sludge, scale and other deposits also form, unseen, inside the heater matrix, engine block etc, lowering the system’s cooling system efficiency bit by bit. BIZOL Radiator Clean r70 is a cost-effective way of increasing cooling system efficiency by simply eradicating unwanted contaminants and deposits.

Treating the cooling system with BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 is far less expensive and time-consuming than replacing components. If, however, you have to replace a component anyway, simply pour in a tin of radiator clean to prepare the cooling system for the new component and restore its efficiency.

How does BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 work?

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 resets the cooling system by removing scale and rust particles, then neutralises and flushes out the harmful deposits, removing any rust, sludge and limescale in one operation.

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 and its benefits:

  • it removes rust, limescale and deposits thoroughly and reliably
  • it is not aggressive to gaskets, metal or rubber parts
  • it is phosphate-free and EDTA-free and neither contains chemicals that contaminate the watercourse nor forms such compounds with other chemicals.
  • it is free of aggressive acids or alkalis

How do I get started?

It could not be easier, just remove the pressure cap and pour the contents of the tin into the radiator or header tank.

Start the engine and allow it to idle for 20 minutes to get the coolant circulating properly and so that the additive mixes fully with the coolant and reaches all parts of the cooling system. BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 gets to work, cleaning the channels in the radiator, the coolant pump and waterways in the engine block and cylinder head.

Once the thermostat has opened and the coolant has been able to circulate fully (for approximately 10 minutes) switch off the engine. Allow the cooling system to cool down fully before proceeding. When the cooling system has cooled down, undo the pressure cap and drain the coolant.

Make sure that all of the sludge and deposits have been drained from the system, flushing the radiator with fresh water as necessary. Once the corrosion, sludge, scale have been thoroughly flushed out of the system, reattach the bottom radiator hose.

All that’s left to do now is refill the cooling system with fresh coolant and bleed the system.

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